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Business Information and Consulting Centre (BICC) - Sandanski is a non-profit association founded in 1997 as a result of the initiative of local entrepreneurs and representatives in the municipality of Sandanski. The organization was established with the expert assistance of the German consulting organization GFA - International Management Consulting and the financial support of Deutsche Ausgleichsbank, Germany.

Activities and objectives
The activities of BICC - Sandanski support the economic, cultural and educational development of South-West Bulgaria. It does this through providing assistance to the needs of the local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and through the promotion of the region as a modern economic, social, cultural and sports center. BICC - Sandanski assists the SMEs in the region by organizing exhibitions, conferences, business forums, matchmaking events, etc. The organization works to increase the competitiveness and competence of local companies by informing them about current economic and social topics through seminars, training courses, workshops, round tables, discussion forums, and also through the publication of a monthly electronic newsletter, as well as other periodic publications. The organization develops and maintains a business and investment related Internet portal with various business information and news from the region of South-West Bulgaria. BICC  Sandanski strives to attract foreign investors to the region by creating conditions for easy and quick access to competent and timely information on opportunities and administrative requirements needed start a new business and/or invest in an existing business.

BICC - Sandanski is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Regional Development Agencies and Business Centers (BARDA), which has 28 member institutions. BICC is one of the initiators of Euroregion “Strimon - Struma”. Members of the Euroregion are municipalities and non-governmental organizations from the border region of Bulgaria and Greece.
BICC - Sandanski has actively participated in the European Initiative B2europe. B2europe is the alliance of European business support networks that support companies and potential entrepreneurs, by initiating the establishment of regional networks. The regional network initiated by BICC-Sandanski is comprised of local authorities and business support organizations from Bulgaria and Greece.
In January 2008 Business Information and Consulting Center - Sandanski became a part of "Enterprise Europe Network", consisting of 500 organizations and more than 4000 highly qualified experts from 40 European countries.