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Проект Beyond Inclusion

Проект Beyond Inclusion

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Thursday, 24 June 2021 14:00

Project Beyond Inclusion

Written by Office

People with disabilities develop unique skills and talents exactly due to their disability. Given the unemployment rates, these talents remain unexploited, either because employers hesitate to include them in their workforce or/and because persons with disabilities themselves do not have the tools to develop and promote their unique skills.

Beyond Inclusion creates a new pool of job candidates that are empowered to promote themselves, while at the same time it highlights the benefits SMEs could have if they pursue to include this untapped human potential into their working environment.

This is the intriguing dual objective of Beyond Inclusion project

  • Trigger a disability inclusive SMEs mindset, where disability is a benefit
  • Equip persons with disabilities with the appropriate tools, practices and soft skills orientation, as well as with a methodology on how to best demonstrate their unique skills in a professional context or when seeking for a job.


Who is implementing Beyond Inclusion?:

5 EU countries, with high levels of unemployment for people with disabilities, join forces in order to bring in knowledge in the fields of social inclusion, professional development and business consulting.

Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain and Cyprus go beyond inclusion and assertively tackle the EU wide issue of unemployment of persons with disabilities. The cross-fertilization of knowledge and experience from an intriguing partnership mix consisting of 8 organizations and companies from both sides of the employability-disability area is reinstating inclusion.

Together, they introduce an innovative way to address inclusion, within the scope of the employability-disability-workability-business development area. A whole new perspective that is targeting a fundamental change in the mindset of European SMEs.

For more information on the Beyond Inclusion team check the Partners section.